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EVOS is the first all natural cannabis infused intimate oil for men and women. Designed to enhance both male and female sexual experiences, EVOS is the first unisex cannabis infused intimate topical. EVOS is pure, raw, and potent: powered by evolab’s pure CO2 oil this product is free of residual solvents and is lab tested for potency. With over 80mg of total cannabinoids, EVOS will evolve your pleasure experience.
Women have reported feelings of heightened sensitivity, increased blood flow, and warming sensations 20-30 minutes after application. Additionally, many women report increased orgasm frequency and intensity. Men have experienced increased stamina, prolonged performance, and heightened sensitivity and arousal.

http://www.tokedailydeals.com/denver/colorados-first-cannabis-infused-intimate-oil-198/ Toke Daily Deal
$35 for an N pen and 500mg oil by Native Roots Extracts http://www.tokedailydeals.com/denver/35-for-an-n-pen-and-500mg-oil-by-native-roots-extracts-197/ Thu, 25 Sep 2014 11:25:39 MST Stop by and celebrate Native Roots Grand Opening at our new 16th Street Mall location!

http://www.tokedailydeals.com/denver/35-for-an-n-pen-and-500mg-oil-by-native-roots-extracts-197/ Toke Daily Deal
$45 for one C Vape and gram of wax from Artisanal Medicinals http://www.tokedailydeals.com/denver/45-for-one-c-vape-and-gram-of-wax-from-artisanal-medicinals-196/ Fri, 19 Sep 2014 15:16:09 MST Artisanal Medicinals is a collective of artists, caregivers and individuals with one mission in life: education. With the desire to provide each customer with a personalized experience and medicine that will fit their individual needs why not take advantage of todays deal: one C Vape and gram of wax.

Artisanal Medicinals is committed to providing high quality natural and organic cannabis. Our approach is a craft approach, focusing on small batches and attention to detail. All of our meds use natural and organic nutrients and practices to provide the safest, and cleanest product available. All of our flowers are hand trimmed and jar cured for at least 3 weeks prior to becoming stocked on our shelves. In addition to our top of the line cultivating, trimming, and curing practices, we are focused on rare elite and landrace genetics as well as our own custom breeding programs to only further better our product.

William Breathes, Westword's pot critic, quotes "...it was some of the best produced icewater hash I found all year."

Check out today's deal and a take step in the right direction and we'll continue to show you how to improve your life on a day to day basis.

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