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If names like Raspberry Kush, Super Lemon Haze and Swiss Bliss make your mouth water, today’s deal will absolutely open the floodgates. Get $20 worth of any product in the shop at MMD of Colorado for just ten bucks with today’s deal.

Featuring top-shelf strains, edibles, concentrates and more, MMD of Colorado is your one-stop source for high grade medicine. Their caregivers are approachable and they know their products well. The shop is centrally located with plenty of parking, so stop in and get to know one of Denver’s premier medical marijuana centers.

Get your hands on today’s deal – and some kind product – for just ten bucks. And as always, pass it on.

http://www.tokedailydeals.com/denver/10-for-20-of-anything-in-the-shop-at-mmd-of-colorado-193/ Toke Daily Deal
$30 for $60 worth of Glass Accessories from The Vape Shop http://www.tokedailydeals.com/denver/30-for-60-worth-of-glass-accessories-from-the-vape-shop-192/ Fri, 08 Aug 2014 15:58:06 MST Located in Englewood, The Vape Shop is your local electronic vaporizer retail location. The Vape Shop is your exclusive dealer for Pax vaporizers and Atmos Vaporizers. We stock a large variety of vaporizers, vaporizer accessories, vape pens, E-Juice, reservoirs, atomizers and batteries. Our staff can help anyone make the perfect purchase whether it’s for stopping smoking cigarettes or looking for an alternative to smoking. We offer atomizers and vape pens that work with liquid, Wax, and herbal products. Come in today and we guarantee The Vape Shop will become your number one choice for vaporizers and vaporizer accessories.

http://www.tokedailydeals.com/denver/30-for-60-worth-of-glass-accessories-from-the-vape-shop-192/ Toke Daily Deal
$100 for a half ounce -your choice of two quarters- from L'Eagle http://www.tokedailydeals.com/denver/100-for-a-half-ounce-your-choice-of-two-quarters-from-leagle-191/ Thu, 07 Aug 2014 15:30:48 MST Take advantage of our first ever toke daily deal for recreational purchase. L'Eagle is a renowned Medical and Recreational cannabis store that provides all patients with the cleanest product available in the state. Our long curing time and comprehensive testing of all strains is unique to the cannabis industry. Come see why L'Eagle is the most respected facility in Colorado.

2013 was a banner year for L'Eagle! L'Eagle's strain "Texas Hash Plant" was listed as one of Westword's top ten strains of 2013 and their "Mob Boss Hash" was listed as one of Westword's top ten concentrates of 2013.

Wiliam Breathes said, of "Mob Boss Hash", this is full-melt, clear-dome icewater hash the way it should be done. The owner also pointed out that it's the same quality as other "solventless" products without the pilled-up chunks achieved through micro-planing or pushing hash through a colander. I thought it resembled a wedge of cheese-like BHO, but without the chemical-heavy wax smell. It burned amazingly in a bowl, forming large bubbles of oil and hash as it cooked down, and also melted well on a hot titanium nail, making it the first dab-able hash I've found at dispensaries in months."

"L'Eagle's Hash Plant, which allegedly comes by way of Austin, Texas, hit the mark in terms of potency and bag appeal, with an awesome Tangerine Haze-like fruitiness that immediately hit your nose out of the jar. The flavor wasn't as pronounced, but it still came through well in a vaporizer and clean bubbler. This was nap-time ganja; there's really no other way of putting it. It soared you high and pain-free into the stratosphere for about 45 minutes before slamming you down, face-first, into a pillow. Aches, pains, headaches, nagging in-grown hairs, deadlines: They all drifted off along with my consciousness."

 Come see, smell, taste, and experience the difference of L'Eagle medicine.

http://www.tokedailydeals.com/denver/100-for-a-half-ounce-your-choice-of-two-quarters-from-leagle-191/ Toke Daily Deal